Organic Clothing

These days there is a lot of attention placed on the origin of the products we buy – from the food we eat, to the clothing in our wardrobes. That’s why it’s good to know that O2wear products are made with sustainable, natural fibres which are grown organically – namely bamboo fibre, and organic cotton. See the full range of O2wear organic clothing.

But what does it mean for fibre to be organic? It is generally accepted that organic fibres are derived from plants which are not genetically modified, and grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers or pesticides.
The great thing about bamboo is that it’s naturally resistant to pests and fungi. Bamboo contains a unique substance known as ‘bamboo kun’ which means that the crop doesn’t require the use of traditional herbicides and pesticides. This helps the environment because the manufacture and use of these chemicals is not required. And that’s not only great for the environment, but it also means the bamboo doesn’t retain any toxic chemicals which could irritate your skin. Follow the links to read more about bamboo fibre, or bamboo clothing

O2wear products are primarily made from fibres which are grown organically. Our camisoles and tops are made from bamboo fibre, while our leggings contain a mix of organic cotton and bamboo fibre. We do add a little spandex to our products so that they stretch and always return to their original shape. See the full range of O2wear organic cotton and bamboo clothing in our online store.

The bamboo used in our clothing is sourced from purpose-grown plantations in China where it is grown pesticide free. Very little water is needed to sustain bamboo and it has excellent regenerative properties meaning it can be harvested multiple times, all of which make it a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to many other crops.  

Although the bamboo itself is grown organically, it must be said that the process of turning bamboo into bamboo clothing requires the use of chemicals, and is therefore not eligible for organic certification. Our products are however certified with the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard ensuring that no residual chemicals or harmful elements are present in the fabric, as such chemicals may irritate the skin. 

You can read more about bamboo clothing and bamboo fibre, or shop for the full range of O2wear products in our online store