Why I hate blogging - the new plan

Why I hate blogging - the new plan

19th Jun 2017

This might not sound revolutionary, but I’ve decided to start writing (blogging) about the things I actually want to write about, SEO be damned!

The thing about blogging, especially when you run a business, is that it should really serve two purposes. Firstly you hope your potential customers/clients find it useful, interesting or engage with you but the other purpose is for search engine optimisation (SEO). When you create content or blog about a topic and post it on your site, google reads it and uses this to form an opinion on what your site is about. So the more information you have on a particular topic, the more likely your page will feature in search results when someone googles a related keyword. Better rankings mean more potential customers finding you. Of course this is a huge simplification of the process (I don’t fully understand how SEO works) but you get the jist.

And this is probably where I’ve gone wrong. I’ve been blogging about the things that I felt I ‘should’ blog about. Things that would be relevant to a bamboo clothing business like mine such as bamboo, clothing, fashion, clothes for travel etc. I try to make it relevant and interesting, but the truth is I mostly find it forced and painful to write. It’s not that I don’t like these topics per se, I just don’t find that it comes easily - the topics, the writing, any of it really.

What I do enjoy reading, writing and learning about are the stories of small businesses. How they started, who they are, what they’ve learnt and how they became a success (or are trying to). So I’m going to give the blog a makeover. There’s going to be a lot less blogging for the sake of blogging cos it might provide some sort of google benefit and more real stuff about running a small business in Adelaide. The ups and downs, what I’ve learnt and mostly what I’m still trying to figure out.

I tried this approach about 2 years ago, and not surprisingly it was the only time I managed to blog on a regular basis, but I thought I was ‘doing it wrong’ because the content wasn’t ‘relevant’ to my business in bamboo/basics/fashion/sustainablility. But you know what, maybe this won’t make sense to google, but I don’t care!

If you prefer my previous stuff (unlikely but stranger things have happened) there are plenty of other people giving much better advice than I can. If you are after real down to earth fashion advice, I’d recommend Nikki Parkinson and her blog Styling You.

Now that I’ve committed to a new format, I better follow through! If you have any suggestions for blog topics, I would love to hear them. 

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