What is O2wear? Thermals, base layers, spencer, long johns, shapewear…

What is O2wear? Thermals, base layers, spencer, long johns, shapewear…

2nd May 2018

This might sound strange but whenever some asks ‘what do you do’ I find it difficult to answer. Running my own business is the simple (obvious) answer and that’s the easy bit, but when I need to elaborate I get stuck, how do I describe O2wear products. I’m really uncomfortable with the term fashion. I don’t think that really describes the O2wear range and it’s something I’ve specifically been trying to avoid. I’m certainly not a fashion designer and I’m actually not a big shopper when it comes to clothing.

I have a tagline of sorts – style basics, which I like and think is a reflection of the range, but try saying that to someone by way of explanation and you just get blank looks! So I usually launch into a long winded explanation a little like this: O2wear are women’s basics, underlayers, base layers, kind of like the thermals they sell in outdoor shops but not itchy, smelly or in those weird neon colours. They’re kind of like what your grandma might call a spencer or long johns but not, because these are way cooler :) But don’t think of them as shapewear or sportswear because they’re not a performance fabric. Loungewear might apply but generally lounge wear is a looser fit, O2wear is specifically made to fit snugly so it can be layered without adding bulk.

Haha! A spiel like this makes me sound slightly crazy (maybe true) so I’ve learnt to go with less is more. The best I’ve come up with is O2wear are women’s basics designed for layering, but it just doesn’t have a great ring to it. If you have any suggestions, please send them through!

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