​Tips on What and How to Pack Light When Travelling

​Tips on What and How to Pack Light When Travelling

22nd Mar 2017

Travelling is one of those things that almost everyone looks forward, but when it comes to the packing, it isn’t always so fun. It can be a bit of a juggling act between making sure you’ve packed and planned for all contingencies and trying not to take your entire wardrobe with you for 5 days!

It’s all about packing light.

An overstuffed bag is heavy to lug around, especially if you’re travelling on the cheap and catching public transport or moving from place to place. It’s a pain in small crapped hotel rooms when you have to unload the entire contents of your bag on to the bed or floor to get to things and it means no space left for purchases on your travels. Travelling light means less hassle and a more enjoyable holiday. Here are our top tips for making packing easier

Plan ahead

Lay out everything you plan to take on a bed or flat surface so you can really take stock of all your items. I like to put out everything I want to take, then I do the cull, removing the duplicates etc so I’m left with just the things I actually need. Of course, check the weather for your destination too so you’re packing appropriate clothes.

Wear it on

If you need to take a coat or a heavy duty pair of shoes, consider wearing them on the plane. You can take them off once you’re on board and and it can make a couple of kilos difference to your luggage.

Roll the clothes instead of folding

I’m not sure why this saves space because the clothes are still the same size but it just does! It can also reduce wrinkles and creases.


Layering is a great way to get more wear out of a limited selection of clothing. Instead of needing a jacket, you might be able to get away with a base layer under your top instead. With a couple of base layers you can create a lot of different outfits suitable for whatever the weather decides to do. Opting for a fabric like bamboo or wool which is odour resistant, wrinkle resistant and thermo regulating will also mean less washing and a more comfortable trip.

Mini toiletries

I like to save money so I usually buy the 1 litre supersized pump bottles of soap and shampoo for home but these are not a good idea to pack for travel! Big W have a great range of minis available but another good (and less wasteful) option are refillable containers. I’ve been using the GoToob tubes for a while now. They’re made for travel so they’re leak proof and you can add just about anything to them so you can fill them with all your favourite products from your big pump bottles.


Consider separating all your clothing and accessories, like tops, pants, underwear etc in to some light weight mesh bags. If you’re going to be living out of a suitcase or backpack this is a great trick to avoid creating a mess when you need to get to something at the bottom of your bag.

Capsule wardrobe

Consider a mini capsule wardrobe for travelling. A few pants, skirts, tops, shorts and shoes that can be mixed and matched to create multiple looks. Also consider the fabric and material they are made from and how suitable it is for travelling and the weather eg. Humid weather, creases etc

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