Tiny houses - living simply

Tiny houses - living simply

4th Feb 2016

On the back of last week’s blog about down-sizing your wardrobe and living with a capsule collection this week I’m looking at those that take it one step further, down-sizing their entire house!

Tiny houses are a thing. The tiny house tiny life movement seems to have originated in the USA and is about down-sizing and living more simply. Tiny houses are generally 10 – 30 square metres in size and contain all the basics, kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping quarters. Advocates of the lifestyle list some pretty hard-to-argue-with benefits to the approach: they are much cheaper to build, as you would imagine, so living mortgage free is more than achievable. Living a simple life with less is another great appeal for many. They are also more environmentally sustainable than large houses and many live ‘off-grid’ and are self-sufficient. Perhaps the bit that really appeals to me is that lots of these houses are transportable. You can spend a few months of the year in one spot, then move on to somewhere else when you’re ready for a seachange!

I'll admit there are days when I look at the piles of my daughter’s toys, and the stuff in cupboards that is being kept 'just in case', and I think really? Could we not just do away with it all? Do you really need more than to know your family is safe and loved and there is a fridge (even if it’s tiny) to keep the white wine cool? Ok who am I kidding, this is a level of minimalism I’m just not cut out for but I do get the appeal, and they are just so cute!

Four tiny homes around the USA, about 20 square metres in size - image source Country Living

This 18 square metre tiny home inlcudes everything you need - sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom, living space, and even a laundry machine all for US$65,000 by Tiny Heirloom Homes

This floating holiday home is just 22 square metres (240 feet).

It's becoming popular here in Australia too, a tiny house of just 10 square metres including kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping loft was built by a couple in Victoria, from corrugated iron (of course!) for $45,000, you can read all about it here.

How small would you go?

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