The Tank Top

The Tank Top

5th Apr 2016

The humble tank top is perhaps the least loved of the O2wear family. It’s certainly less popular than the camisole and for a long time I felt the same way, but I think this is a bit unfair! 

It's definitely worth reconsidering this position because it has some real benefits over the cami, yet still has the advantage of being sleeveless.

Why I like it: 

Unlike the strapiness of the camisole, the tank top has a regular neckline in the back so it’s great for this time of year when you need a little extra warmth as the days get cooler. 

I also like it for layering under a low cut top. I find that the wider straps and high back mean the tank has more ‘structure’, so it stays in place and doesn’t lead to any gaping. Great for work or like me these days, wrangling a toddler who treats me more like a play gym.

Tank Top available in Black and White for $34.95

Also available in an Active Pack with 3/4 leggings for $59.95 (save $10)

A little inspiration for autumn layering

A tank would pair perfectly with any of these, for a bit of extra warmth or coverage:

Left to right:

Country Road Silk Shirt

Seed Wrap Tee

Seed Spotted Tee

Metalicus 1/2 sleeve dress

Metalicus Jumper

Country Road Stripe Shirt

Here's what our customers think of the Tank Top:

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