Swapping your suitcase for a backpack – travelling light

Swapping your suitcase for a backpack – travelling light

2nd May 2017

Many years ago I spent 3.5 months backpacking during the summer holidays after uni. It was an unforgettable experience but I was well and truly sick of my backpack by the end of it. It was impossibly heavy because I had packed for months of budget travel which included a sleeping bag for camping and had to account for hot steamy South American weather and the depths of winter in Europe. As soon as I got home I vowed never to travel with a backpack again, I sold my pack and having been travelling with suitcases every since!

However, travelling with a suitcase presents its own problems. My number one being that it lets me pack too much stuff. Then there is the trouble of actually lifting it and getting around on public transport. With two young children added in to the mix now, travelling with a backpack and keeping my hands free seems like a great idea (I’m talking short holidays that don’t involve camping!). A few weeks back I posted a blog on packing light, creating a capsule travel wardrobe and reducing your wish list of items down to the bare essentials. If you’ve been able to reduce the contents of your luggage then downsizing your travel bags make sense and a travel pack really does offer a lot of versatility.

Below is a round up of some very popular packs, some might even work as carry-on luggage so you don’t even need to wait at baggage reclaim or risk losing your bags!

Most of these open flat like a suitcase and are designed as travel packs, not hiking back packs, so the harness isn’t suitable for a trek but more than adequate for wearing while getting from A to B without the hassle of dragging a suitcase around.

1. Osprey Porter 46L

2. Tortuga Backpack

3. Kathmandu Lighthaul 38L

4. Kathmandu convertible duffle 40L

5. Minaal 2.0

So, do you think you could swap a suitcase for a backpack?

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