Reducing waste and single use plastics at home and in business

Reducing waste and single use plastics at home and in business

5th Apr 2018

I’m not big on new year’s resolutions, mostly because I’m no good at sticking to them and the best insurance against breaking it is not to make one (I realise this isn’t a great attitude)!

But we kinda made one this year and so far so good! My goal has been to reduce our use of single use plastic as much as possible and to reduce our waste going to landfill.

When you see how much waste we create as a society, making a few changes at home feels like a drop in the ocean, but I think that is exactly what is needed. And I figure you’ve got to start somewhere. We’ve made a few cheap easy changes to our routine that I do think are making a noticeable difference.

The first step was to get a compost bin. Not a big deal, in fact we already had a compost bin in the garden for grass clippings, we just weren’t adding our food scraps to it mostly because we didn’t have something to collect them in in the kitchen. A trip to Bunnings fixed that and it’s amazing how much we can actually divert to compost rather than the general waste (we generate a lot of food waste with our two little ones, Mr insatiable-appetite and Miss asks-for-it-then-won’t-eat-it).

In South Australia we have been supermarket shopping with reusable bags for quite a few years so that has become second nature, but I’ve now got Onya reusable produce bags for our green groceries. I’d waste so many plastic bags on fruit and veg that went straight in to the bin after a shop so I’m really pleased to have eliminated this. The bags themselves weigh next to nothing so they don’t add anything to the price of your groceries and given I already need to remember my shopping bags (which I keep in the car) it’s been an easy transition to adding these in to my routine.

Snack containers. I jumped on the Tupperware band wagon a while ago and get heaps of use out of these, but I’ve recently discovered the reusable, flexible plastic bags by Full Circle. These are basically reusable versions of zip lock bags and are great for taking little snacks in your handbag when you don’t want to carry a big empty container around later.

Straws – I don’t use these heaps but again, after reading and seeing the extraordinary amount of waste that single use plastic creates and how long it takes to break down I got reusable ones, just in case the need to sip through a straw strikes

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