Quick, easy food - My New Favourite Breakfast

Quick, easy food - My New Favourite Breakfast

15th Feb 2017

I’m obsessed with bircher museli. I’m not known for my cooking ability and I’d put this in the too hard basket (I know, it doesn’t take much to put me off cooking, even cereal looks too hard!) but turns out it’s really easy and delicious. It’s a family recipe (because they’re the best kind) and comes from a very good friend of mine, Lara, who runs the blog nurturefromwithin and, well, you just have to try it!

Why it’s so good.

  • It tastes so good - that should always be number 1!
  • Healthy, nutritious and filling
  • Easy and quick to make
  • Whole family can enjoy it – husbands and 2.5 year olds all agree, yummy!
  • No sugar added, unless you do :)
  • Can be made non-dairy with substitutes
  • Customise it to your personal taste and the season

Here is how I’ve been making it:


1 cup rolled oats

1 cup milk

1 grated apple

1 sliced banana

1 handful sliced berries – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries etc

1 handful chopped nuts – almonds, walnuts

A little lemon rind

Dollop of yoghurt to serve


Add the rolled oats and milk to a bowl and refrigerate overnight.

In the morning add the fruit and serve – done!


The oats and milk are combined on a 1:1 ratio so it’s quite easy to adjust the quantity. I find that 1 cup of oats makes about 3 decent sized serves or 4 smaller ones.

To make this an even easier, quicker meal to serve in the morning, add the grated apple and nuts to the bowl of oats the night before, that way it’s just a matter of sprinkling on the fresh fruit in the morning.

I’m using fresh berries at the moment but I definitely plan to keep making this throughout the year so I’ll be substituting for frozen berries in another couple of months.

You can make this dairy free by substituting the milk for soy or almond milk.

For those that like it a little sweeter, try a drizzle of honey or Lara’s recommendation, a little condensed milk. This sounds so good I’m scared to try it in case I can’t eat it without!

Lara is an accredited practising dietitian and nutritionist working in Melbourne. She specialises in pregnancy and childhood nutrition as well as awesome food! Check her out here

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