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News, plans and ideas for 2018

News, plans and ideas for 2018

22nd Jan 2018

First blog of 2018!

I’ve got some big things planned, many of which are already in motion.

You’ve probably heard me going on about a couple of new colours, hooray! Can’t wait to introduce navy to the range, it will just be available in the long sleeve scoop to start with and depending on feedback from everyone, it may then appear in a few other styles as well. For something a little bit different I’m also going to trial a ‘plum’ colour. It’s quite bright, certainly different to anything else I’ve done before and I’m not too sure about it…so it will just be a limited run and I’ll reserve judgement until I hear back from all of you on it! I haven’t got any dates on when these will be available just yet, but I’m hoping for late April.

My most exciting news is that O2wear is about to graduate from my house to its own home! That’s right, I’m still a home based business and it’s just becoming a bit unmanageable. We need to reclaim some rooms in the house for us and the daily task of packing orders is becoming a challenge. What this really means for me though, is that I’ll be able to take a little bit of time away from the business, like go on holidays! Until now it’s been very difficult to take even a couple of days off because I need to be home each day to pack and dispatch. It’s suited us all well so far, but as our two children move out of the baby stage and the prospect of going out and doing things with them actually seems like it might be possible and dare I say it, enjoyable :) I really want to have that flexibility. I’ve found a great place here in Adelaide (where I’m based) who will be able to warehouse and dispatch my orders.

It won’t have any real impact for you as customers, in fact you may not even notice when I actually swap over. The most important thing was finding somewhere that was committed to fast, reliable, daily dispatch of orders so you still get exactly the same level of service. They will only be dealing with the warehousing and freight side of things, all correspondence, emails and everything else will still be done directly by me. But I am just a little bit excited by all of this, it means we’ll be going on our first big holiday as a family in the middle of the year!

I’d like to experiment with a few new styles this year too. I’ve been contemplating a basic dress for a while and although this isn’t strictly a base layer like the rest of the range, it would be a classic style that you would get lots of wear out of. Another idea is a fuller cut, higher waisted underwear range and I’m also considering a few other fabric mixes for tops, like organic cotton and wool (blended with bamboo). A while back I was looking in to a higher waisted legging, it’s still high on my to do list, I just wasn’t entirely happy with the samples, I think they need some more tweaking and experimentation before I’m happy to release them.

Of course all of these ideas need to be funded. So as always, my number one job is to keeping telling people about O2wear. With more time freed up to work on this aspect of the business rather than being bogged down in the logistics of order dispatch I’m hoping to come up with some new strategies that will boost my brand awareness and reach a few sales targets I have in mind, perhaps I’ll do a blog post on that another day!

Hope you’re all having a good start to 2018, I think it’s going to be a good year ;) 

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