New winter collection – layering in colour

New winter collection – layering in colour

11th Jul 2018

I have just added our two new colours to the collection – blue navy and plum pink in the long sleeve scoop neck.

As I have explained in a few facebook posts recently, it’s taken 2-3 months longer than I had hoped to make these available (and to restock our out of stock sizing in other items) but that’s just the way these things happen. When you’re a small business relying on lots of other parties, like a manufacturer, freight forwarder etc things often end up out of your control. I’ve had to take a deep breath and just let it happen, the words “it’ll be what it’ll be” have been said more than once in the last few months. But here we are, they’re online and only a little late, at least it’s still winter ;)

I was really happy to find myself a South Aussie team for the photo shoot this time which meant I could be there in person. We got some great shots and the new colours are looking awesome :)

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