​New has landed!

​New has landed!

22nd Jul 2020

At the end of June we welcomed a few new colours to the winter range. In the bamboo long sleeve scoop we have Chive, a green (chive!) colour as well as merlot. The merlot is a little harder to describe and looks somewhat similar to our previous (discontinued) colour in plum. Merlot, however is definitely red where as the plum had a pink base. And if you remember plum, you’ll know this colour ran small and had a stiffer feel than our other colours. Don’t worry, this is not the case with merlot or chive, these are both super soft bamboo like the rest of the range made in our standard sizing.

Our bamboo long sleeve scoop tops are also restocked in navy so we now have 6 colours available: black, ivory, navy, chive, merlot and grey (nearly sold out). These new colours are also available in our extended sizing XS-XXL AU sizing 8-18.

Due to the incredible popularity of the turtle neck skivvy we’ve added off-white to this range too. So how does the colour compare, well it’s not bright white, but it is whiter than our ivory.

We’ve also restocked in our leggings, both regular full length bamboo leggings and ¾ cropped leggings in XS-XXL. Long leggings which we recommend for women 5’10+ will be back with more sizing soon.

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