My capsule wardrobe for our family holiday to Europe

My capsule wardrobe for our family holiday to Europe

17th May 2018

We are heading off on our first ‘real’ holiday in what seems like forever and for the first time as a family of four. And I’m determined to pack light, and by that I mean our check-in luggage will only be 1 suitcase and 1 travel pack (essentially a suitcase) for the four of us for a 5 week holiday! When I’ve mentioned this to family and friends they’ve looked at me like I’m crazy (quite possibly) or given me a little smile like, haha we’ll see.

The main reason for this is practicality. We need to be able to wrangle an 18 month old, 4 year old and a pram through multiple airports, train stations etc and of course we’ll have some hand luggage too.

So the rules of the game are: each family member gets 2 medium sized Kathmandu packing cells for clothes (pictured above).

These 8 cells will fit in to our suitcase neatly and it makes unpacking and finding each persons items a little easier.

This is actually very doable with the kids clothes, they’re small afterall but that’s offset by the fact that you have to pack for mishaps!

For myself I’ve put together a travel capsule wardrobe. This is something I have been working on for everyday living, so I'm hoping it's not too much of a stretch to do it for travel! My default is casual, denim, stripes etc so there’s no a lot of colour but lots of versatility – all the tops go with the bottoms etc and can be layered so I’m hoping it’ll get me through. I’m not packing for evenings out at nice bars and restaurants (unfortunately) since we have to work around a 7pm bedtime.

We’re travelling in Holland, Spain and the UK in June. It looks like the average weather will be about 22-25C with a few cooler days and hopefully some warmer ones when we are south!

Here’s what I’m packing (squeezing) in to my 2 cells

1 pair jeans

1 pair black pants

1 pair casual pants

1 pair shorts

1 denim skirt

1 going out skirt

2 casual dresses

4 t-shirts

2 long sleeve tops

1 ¾ sleeve ‘nice’ top

1 knit long sleeve

1 zip jumper/hoodie

1 down vest

4 pieces O2wear layering – ¾ sleevet-shirtsingletleggings

The travel pack will be for the other bits – shoes, underwear, bathers, toiletries, essentials for the kids (nappies, comforters, food) and other random bits.


I’ll wear a few of these pieces on the plane. We’ll only be taking 3 pairs shoes each (2 for children) and wearing one of these on the plane.

The shoe choice has been tricky but I’ve settled on 1 pair sandals, 1 pair boots plus a pair of frankie4 lace-up flats for walking which will work with shorts and jeans.

I’ve still got a week to change my mind! I’m not sure about the black pants, I may swap these out for a couple more tops if the weather is looking promising… I know I am lacking a good scarf/wrap and a cardigan/jacket thingy. But here’s the really good bit about this whole packing strategy. We have a 20kg bag allocation we’re not using on the way over and last I checked there were shops in London ;)

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