LAUNCH - O2wear Travel

LAUNCH - O2wear Travel

19th Feb 2020

If you’ve noticed the distinct holiday vibes on my social media recently that’s because I’ve had travel on the brain, though not my own travel unfortunately, it’s been about your holidays!

Ever since our family trip in July 2018 I’ve been thinking about the link between o2wear and travel. Specifically how I might incorporate this theme in to O2wear. I took a collection of my O2wear basics away with me, and I know many of you do the same, but I was thinking bigger than just clothing for layering.

That trip was the first time I’d travelled with packing cubes and they were a life saver with multiple family members and a strict luggage allowance. It got me thinking about an O2wear travel range….

After months of indecision, false starts, giving up and starting over I’m so happy to be able to launch our new range, O2wear travel basics.

But one of the real sticking points for me was the fabric. Given this was never going to be a bamboo range I had to look for an alternative material but I wasn’t willing to accept just anything. And this is where the saga began. I was adamant that I wanted to work with recycled PET (used plastic bottles recycled into fabric) and I knew that’s what you would want and expect from us too. But finding a manufacturer to work with that was willing to go that extra mile, sourcing Repreve recycled PET material from a mill specialising in its manufacture, while also accepting small batch orders with pretty specific design criteria took a bit of trial and error :)

So while this is undoubtably a step away from our bamboo basics range, it’s very much in keeping with our beliefs around choosing sustainable options and designing products for functionality and longevity.

My hope is that the new travel range compliments our current products, you’ll find travel solutions for layering and packing made sustainably and designed to last.

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