Getting through the quiet times in small business

5th Nov 2015

You may have heard me carry on about how great it is that I’ve quit my day job to take on O2wear full-time. And it is great and all that, but it also coincides with the quietest time of the year for me.

Things go from exciting and I-should-quit-my-job busy throughout the winter months to half the number of monthly sales come September. I guess there is something about the impending hot summer days that makes buying a long sleeve layering scoop less appealing J While I do have ‘summer’ type products like t-shirts and tanks these are still primarily layering tops, and the truth is they are just not so popular during summer, there I said it!

And I shouldn’t be surprised of course, this has happened every September/October for the last four years. Things pick up again over November and December when everyone’s enthusiasm for shopping peaks and then there is another real drop off over January and February. Finally by March everyone comes to their senses and I’m it and a bit again!

But the thing is, there is a lot more at stake now, I quit my job! I certainly don’t regret it, but quiet times in business, even when predicted, can make you a little anxious. I obsess over my sales figures and how many orders I receive per day. A slow day can feel like a personal failing, a “I’m not good enough” moment rather than just what it is, a slow day. But that’s the thing with your own business, you’re so heavily invested, not just financially but emotionally and physically that it can be hard to separate the two.

So to turn a negative in to a positive I’m going to use the quiet time to work on some long term (neglected) business building activities. I’ve been working on my underwear range for months now and it’s currently being manufactured, horray. I’m also hoping this will help to season-proof the business a bit more, people need undies year round right?!

Blogging has always taken a back seat but since giving it a bit more of a personal/business focus and committing the time to writing it each week, every post gets a bit easier. Practice makes perfect hopefully.

New packaging design. I’ve been talking/wanting to refresh the design of my packaging and find a more cost effective way of sourcing it for about a year and half now and well, I haven’t go very far with it. So now is the time!

How do you handle quiet times at work/in business?

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