Free returns with Paypal

Free returns with Paypal

28th Feb 2019

We all know shopping online can be a bit hit and miss, sometimes your order arrives and it's just not quite right, which is why we offer 30 day returns or exchanges on any of your O2wear purchases (excluding underwear). We happily post all your orders and repost exchange items free of charge, however we aren't able to cover the cost of your return postage as well unfortunately, and that's where paypal comes in....

Free returns with paypal are available!

The free return postage is offered directly through paypal. When you make your purchase with us and pay with paypal, you can request a refund for the cost of your return shipping to us, through paypal’s website.

Paypal cover up to 8 returns per person per year, and will cover the cost of your return shipping up to the value of $45 (more than enough to get it back to us!). Activate the ‘free returns’ option on their website and log in to get started. To claim a refund, submit a request with proof of return* within 30 days of returning it, inline with the seller’s return policy.

Almost all purchases are eligible, but exclusions include downloaded or intangible content like gift vouchers and items outside the seller’s return policy (in our case underwear).

Because this is a paypal funded scheme, provided directly to you by paypal not O2wear, this is not limited to your purchases with us! If you make a purchase from any store, you will be able to lodge a claim for a refund on your return shipping cost provided you meet the above criteria.

To read more about their policy and activate paypal returns on your account, head here:

This policy relates to Australian based customers, but they have similar offers for overseas based customers too.

*Paypal define ‘proof of return’ as: “Proof of return can be a tracking number, or a return shipping receipt showing the seller’s address and the amount you paid. If your receipt doesn’t include the seller’s address, we also need a photo of the package you returned, showing the seller’s address. If we cannot verify a tracking number you provide, you’ll be asked for supply alternative proof of return.”

But you can get all the details from their website here:

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