Espadrilles and Loafers – capsule wardrobe shoe essentials

Espadrilles and Loafers – capsule wardrobe shoe essentials

24th Feb 2017

A couple of months back I was in search of a new pair of shoes, I wanted an in-between shoe, something that wasn’t a sandal or a boot so I bought my first pair of loafers or espadrilles. As I wear them while I write this, I’m surprised I hadn’t bought some a long time ago. They’re so comfortable and nice and flat. I just can’t be bothered with heels for day to day stuff.

I’ve found them perfect for those slightly cooler days when your toes might freeze off in a pair of open toe sandals (or you just need to cover up some chipped toenail polish you still haven’t gotten around to fixing) but socks and boots is total overkill. They’re also versatile.

You’ve probably heard a bit about capsule wardrobes, I wrote about it a while back and if you’re a fan, then I think loafers would make a great addition to an autumn capsule wardrobe. Just like your clothes, your shoes need to be versatile and work with lots of different outfits and a shoe that can be worn with both shorts and jeans is a win!

There’s a really great variety of loafers and espadrilles around at the moment and below is a round up of 10 great options. There’s quite a price range with these because they range from canvas through to leather.

1. $49.95

2. $129.95

3. $129.95

4. $49.95

5. $59.99

6. US$59.00

7. $169.95

8. $79.95

9. $139.00

10. $149.95

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