Bamboo textiles - bamboo alternatives for everyday

Bamboo textiles - bamboo alternatives for everyday

5th Jul 2015

Love bamboo and want to incorporate more of it in to your life? Here is a round up of some of the best bamboo products available! 

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1. Bamboozld business socks 2.O2wear 3/4 sleeve layering top 3. ErgoPouch baby sleeping bag 4. Enjo t-towels 5. Morgan & Finch bamboo towels 6. Bambusa quilt cover set

It seems bamboo products are everywhere these days! Not only can bamboo be used in its original state, for flooring, construction and household items, bamboo is increasingly common in textiles, from linen and clothing to children's sleep wear.

Why is bamboo so popular?

Bamboo fibre is exceptionally soft, breathable, moisture wicking and gentle on the skin and it is these characteristics that have made it such a popular choice for fabrics used directly in contact with skin, like towels, linen, clothing and children's wear. 

The breathability of bamboo fabric makes it a popular choice for clothing, particularly base layers and underwear. It is also commonly used in baby sleeping bags, swaddles and clothing because bamboo's thermo-regulating properties help prevent babies and young children overheating.

Bamboo fibre can also be found  in socks, teatowels, linen and bath towels because of its unique ability to be both smooth and soft, anti-bacterial and anti-static. It's also commonly blended with cotton, providing the benefits of both fabrics in one.

So check out the products above for some great alternatives to traditional fabrics and synthetics.

Read more about the benefits of bamboo here.

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