Bamboo maternity clothes for pregnancy

Bamboo maternity clothes for pregnancy

21st Apr 2016

I am often asked if I am planning on introducing a maternity range and the answer is, probably not any time soon (but never say never). But with Mother's day just around the corner and having just reached the half way point in my pregnancy, maternity wear has been on my mind and I thought it was worth addressing. The main reason I'm not really looking at introducing a dedicated maternity range at the moment is beause I feel that a lot of the regular O2wear pieces work just as well during and post pregnancy.

It wouldn’t surprise you to hear that I’m a big fan of layering and during pregnancy I’ve found that it’s been just as useful. I’m currently pregnant with my second and everyone is telling me I’ve ‘popped’ and I think layering is a great way to get that little bit longer out of your regular wardrobe before you have to head to the maternity department. I practically live in my camisoles during pregnancy, using them to tuck in to my pants or worn out to give a bit of extra length to a top I probably shouldn’t still be wearing :)

My favourite two pieces for pregnancy are the camisole and the ¾ sleeve top.

Camisole in pink Camisole twin pack 3/4 sleeve top

The camisole can be worn under anything and I found it just as useful post pregnancy with my daughter. It means you don't need as many feeding-friendly tops, you can get back in to regular clothes by layering a camisole underneath and still keep your waist covered by just pulling down on the front of the cami and slipping the strap off your shoulder.

Please note: O2wear camisoles aren’t specifically designed for breastfeeding – they don’t have feeding clips or built in bra but they do have a fair bit of stretch for pulling out of the way. Full disclosure: I did find that after being stretched over a pregnant belly and then the constant feeding meant my tops were looking pretty worn out by the end of it all!

The ¾ sleeve is another useful piece if you are pregnant during the winter months. It works great with a sleeveless cardi or under a t-shirt to create a little more warmth on your arms. The extra length in the body means it will last you a while during your pregnancy and gives that nice fitted shape over your bump.

If you are making an O2wear purchase for your pregnancy, I would recommend going up a size to ensure you get more wear out of it.

If you are keen for actual maternity wear made from bamboo there are quite a lot of options out there. Check out Bamboo Village, they have a good range of tops and dresses all made from bamboo, and don’t even get me started on all the cute bamboo clothing and bedding for babies!


A little pregnancy fashion inspiration from @stylish_bump

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