​Alternative gift wrapping ideas

​Alternative gift wrapping ideas

6th Dec 2017

Creating less waste this Christmas.

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, summer, holidays, family, friends and a relaxed vibe, what’s not to love, but there can also be a lot of excess and waste. We all know how easy it is to over indulge this time of year (but I’m definitely not going to get in to that now!) but there’s also a lot of over consumption when it comes to gift giving. In particular the waste from all the wrapping paper.

Below I have outlined a few alternative options for tradition gift wrap, not only are these more environmentally friendly, you might actually save money, wrapping paper can be so expensive, especially when you’ve got to wrap Santa presents too!

Repurpose, reuse and DIY gift wrapping ideas:

You probably already have a house full of items suitable for gift wrapping presents, you just need to get a little creative!

Children’s artwork – we have a lot of this at home and this is a great way to reuse some of it. (Our 3yo has caught us putting her masterpieces in the recycle bin in the past, cue outrage and tears, oops!)

Newspaper – We rarely buy a physical newspaper these days but if you do or have old calendars or magazines around the house these can be turned into colourful wrapping paper.

Glass jars – If you keep empty coffee jars etc these can be a great ‘gift wrap’, especially for food presents.

Serviettes/Napkins – I have a draw full of random paper serviettes with pretty patterns on them that are perfect for wrapping up small gifts.

Scraps of fabric – Again, I have a lot of this around the place from failed craft projects and they can be great for wrapping unusually shaped gifts of those that are fragile. A very simple way to wrap with fabric is to place your item in the centre of the fabric and tie opposite corners together.

Another approach to take with your gift wrap is to make it part of the gift, buy something the person can keep and use and wrap the present with it.

Fabric is great for wrapping presents so consider a muslin wrap for a baby gift or tea towel for wrapping a homewares gift, that way they can serve two purposes.

Storage boxes – we are always in need of more boxes etc to store things in at home, these can be used to gift the lego in and then store it!

Reusable bags – there are lots of really nice reuseable bags available and if your state has banned plastic single use shopping bags then these can make a great gift and double as wrapping paper.

I hope these give you a few ideas for your present wrapping this year and with any luck your recycling bin might not be so full this year.

Merry Christmas!

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