• Restocking, packaging and a baby

    31st Oct 2016

    Restocking, packaging and a baby

    As facebook kindly reminds me every so often “Your customers haven’t heard from you in a while” followed by a suggestion to post an update. But the truth is it’s been flatout behind the scenes and f…

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  • Travelling in Winter

    28th Jul 2016

    Travelling in Winter

    While it’s tempting to flee north during the cold months and soak up some sun, there is an alternative, stick around and embrace the cold!From skiing to cosy fireside drinks, there’s lots to celebr…

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  • Spend & Save June 2016

    29th Jun 2016

    Spend & Save June 2016

    Feeling the cold? Stock up on some winter layering basics and what better time than now with our annual Spend & Save offer!It's our biggest ever, Spend $150 and receive $50 off plus free express d…

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  • How to live wisely

    24th May 2016

    How to live wisely

    A while ago I read an article called “How to live wisely” and like a good book or movie, I have found myself thinking back on it at various times since then. The article is about a short course…

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  • The Tank Top

    5th Apr 2016

    The Tank Top

    The humble tank top is perhaps the least loved of the O2wear family. It’s certainly less popular than the camisole and for a long time I felt the same way, but I think this is a bit unfair!…

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  • 8th Mar 2016

    New O2wear underwear range!

    The O2wear underwear range is here! It’s been quite a long process since I first floated the idea in May last year when I sent out a survey to friends, family and anyone willing to (anonymously) an…

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  • Tiny houses - living simply

    4th Feb 2016

    Tiny houses - living simply

    On the back of last week’s blog about down-sizing your wardrobe and living with a capsule collection this week I’m looking at those that take it one step further, down-sizing their entire house…

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