bamboo layering basics

O2wear Australia specialises in bamboo clothing base layers for women. If you’re after seriously soft fabric that feels great against your skin, bamboo clothing is the perfect choice. In recent years, bamboo fabric has become increasingly common, with applications ranging from hygiene and medical products to home furnishings, however bamboo clothes are by far the most popular use. You can check out our full range of bamboo clothing here and buy from our secure online store.

To explain why bamboo has become such a popular fabric for clothing, we have listed the 'Top 10 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing' - select a link to read more:


2.   Softness

3.   Sensitive Skin

4.   Easy Care

5.   Moisture Wicking

6.   Biodegradable

7.   UV Protection

8.   Breathability

9.   Insulating

10. Antibacterial

Eco-friendly: Bamboo clothing is synonymous with eco-fashion. Bamboo fibre is considered to be eco-friendly for a number of reasons, however the main reason bamboo clothing is considered eco friendly and organic is because of the raw material – bamboo plants. Bamboo is a very hardy crop. It requires no irrigation and no fertilisers or pesticides to grow. Within 3-4 years it is ready for harvesting and can be continually reharvested. Crops of bamboo yield significantly more than both wool or cotton crops. All of these factors contribute to bamboo fibre being considered a sustainable, versatile and eco-friendly resource for clothing. You can read a more extensive review of bamboo and the manufacturing process in our bamboo fibre page, or read about organic clothing.

Softness: Bamboo fibre is exceptionally soft so it feels great against your skin. While the plant itself may not seem like it would make for soft clothing, the process of extracting bamboo cellulose and converting it into fibre results in a very smooth and soft yarn. This yarn is weaved into the fabric used for bamboo clothing. Our products are particulalry popular with people suffering from sensistive skin.You can buy bamboo clothing from our secure online store.

Sensitive Skin: Many people with sensitive skin report that clothes made from bamboo are far less irritating to the skin than other traditional fabrics. The smooth rounded fibres of bamboo viscose significantly reduce irritation, making it a good choice for those who suffer from allergies, in particular eczema. All our products are certified with the Okeo-Tex 100 Standard ensuring that no residual chemicals or harmful elements are present in the fabric used for manufacturing our garments. Read more about the benefits of bamboo clothing for eczema and those with sensistive skin.

Easy Care: O2wear bamboo clothing is both colour fast and machine washable. A gentle tumble dry or cool iron can also be used if necessary but you should find that the bamboo fabric is relatively quick drying and wrinkle resistant. Read more on our product care page. 

Moisture Wicking: Bamboo fibre is very popular because of its moisture wicking properties. With almost twice the moisture transfer rate of cotton, it is an ideal fabric for clothing worn directly against the skin. The use of bamboo fibre in sportswear, yoga clothing and high performance active wear has also increased due to this unique property.

Biodegrad­able: As a natural product derived from plants, bamboo fibre is biodegradable. Having reached their useful life, products made from bamboo can be composted and disposed of in an organic and eco-friendly manner. Synthetic fibres such as nylon or rayon remain in landfill for a significantly longer time. Read more on our organic clothing page.

UV Protection: Bamboo clothing has superior UV protecting qualities. A recent study by Deakin University found bamboo fabric is 60% better than cotton at protecting the wearer from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Find links to the Deakin University study, and read more at our links & resources page

Breathability: Because it is derived from plant fibres, bamboo clothing is significantly more breathable than traditional fibres and synthetics. Clothing made from bamboo is naturally temperature regulating, meaning it is cool to wear in summer, and a warm underlayer for winter. Check out our online store where you can buy bamboo clothing.

Insulating: Bamboo is a naturally insulating fibre. When woven into fabric, bamboo clothing helps to trap a small layer of air against the skin. This layer acts as insulation, helping to keep the wearer cool in the hot weather, and warm during winter. Bamboo is nature’s solution to comfort in any season. You can read more about organic and environmentally friendly clothing from our bamboo links & resources page

Antibacterial: Many manufacturers report that bamboo clothing is antibacterial and antifungal. This claim stems from the bamboo plant itself. As bamboo grows organically, without the need for pesticides or fertilisers due to its inherent antibacterial characteristics, by extension bamboo clothing is thought to possess these same characteristics. Tests however haven’t substantiated these claims conclusively. Read more on our organic clothing page. Bamboo fibre may not be any more antibacterial than other fabrics, however there is a suggestion that bamboo clothing is particularly suited to adults and babies with sensitive skin and this may be in part due to superior antibacterial properties – so the jury is still out!


If looking and feeling great isn’t enough to get you in to some bamboo clothing, then the breathable, easy care and sustainable features of bamboo clothing listed above surely will! You can buy bamboo clothing from our secure online store here.

Despite the many stated benefits of bamboo clothing, it is still worth mentioning that during the manufacturing process, there is a chemical treatment necessary to turn the bamboo pulp into the strands of fibre used to weave the fabric. Our products are all certified with the Okeo-Tex standard, meaning that there are no residual chemicals remaining in the fabric after this process.

We believe that bamboo clothing is still one of the best alternatives to water intensive crops such as cotton that require the use of pesticides to grow, without compromising on the quality or comfort of our clothing. You can shop the latest range of bamboo clothing basics here.

And just in case you were wondering: Pandas in the wild like to eat about twenty-five types of bamboo. They don’t like Moso, the one used for bamboo clothing. To read more about the bamboo itself, have a read of our bamboo fibre page, or learn about organic clothing.

If you would like to read more about bamboo clothing, bamboo fibre as a fabric, the manufacturing process or its environmental credentials you can read both the good and the bad in our bamboo clothing resources page. Or why not have a look at our testimonials to see what our customers have to say about O2wear bamboo clothing.