Bamboo Camisoles

Camisoles are one of the most versatile items in any wardrobe. Whether you wear them for warmth, to ‘see-through-proof’ an outfit or to create 'smoother lines' under a top, a good cami can be worn with almost anything. You can buy camis from our online store or read more at our organic clothing page. 

O2wear bamboo camisoles are not only just as versatile, they are eco-friendly! Our camisoles are made from bamboo fibre, a fabric that is becoming increasingly popular because bamboo clothes are not only exceptionally soft, they are made from environmentally-friendly organic bamboo

Why O2wear bamboo camisoles? Bamboo has many benefits over traditional fabrics used for clothing. It grows exceptionally fast with no need for irrigation, herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. It is grown naturally and organically, with no genetically modified organisms. In addition to being eco-friendly, bamboo clothing is breathable, moisture-wicking, biodegradable, and offers superior UV protection. It’s super soft and hypoallergenic; perfect for people with sensitive skin or eczema! You can buy bamboo camis from our online store or read more at our bamboo clothing page.

Our camis are luxuriously soft and light-weight because we use 93% bamboo viscose, and a little spandex for stretch. From yoga to work, bamboo camisoles are comfortable in any situation. Bamboo fibre is great at wicking moisture away from the body, so many people buy bamboo camisoles to wear at the gym or as a light-weight breathable singlet in summer. On the other hand, because bamboo fabric has a slight natural sheen to it, bamboo camis are dressy enough for work or a night out. Read some testimonials and see what our customers have to say.

Our bamboo camisoles feature spaghetti straps, a curved neckline at the front and straight across the back. In terms of length, you’ll find they cover the hips so that they're long enough to tuck in to pants or a skirt. You can buy our camisoles in a variety of colours: black, creamy white, grey mist and pale pink and they are all available in small, medium and large sizes. 

You can buy camisoles or view our complete collection of bamboo clothing in our secure online shop. We deliver worldwide and offer FREE postage on all Australian orders!